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Dual Filtration System


LEAD: A heavy metal that may cause health effects

VOLATILE ORGANIC CHEMICALS: VOCs including gasoline, solvents, and industrial cleaners which may cause illness

CHLORINE/CHLORAMINE: Commonly used by municipalities to disinfect the water supply

CYST: Reduce cysts such as Cryptosporidium & Giardia which can cause negative health effects.

TASTE & ODOR: Musty, earthy, & fishy tastes and odors are caused by algae, molds, and bacteria that naturally live in most water sources.

*This is not Reverse Osmosis

Features & Benefits:

  • Mechanical assist design allows for effortless click-in installation.
  • No filter sumps, no mess, no fuss.
  • 3/8” push fit plumbing connection for easy installation & high flow.
  • Cartridges are color coded for easy identification.
  • Low cost alternative to RO.
  • Absolutely NO reject water (100% of the water is used!)
  • Easy to install in tight places.
  • Reduces taste, odor, VOCs, MBTE.
  • NSF Certified for materials and performance.