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Florida Water Treatment

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Rainbow Elite Plus Conditioner

Rainbow Elite Plus

Your Custom Solution: The Rainbow Elite Plus features a mixed-media solution that allows for a versatile means of targeting your specific water quality concerns. This unit utilizes state of the art VortechTM technology that allows for two separate water treatment technologies in one single tank. This eliminating the need for multiple tanks and not only saves space but also significantly reduces cost. This innovative equipment eliminates media migration and the need for gravel underbed which reduces equipment weight and cost. Also reduces backwash duration to conserve water!

Pentair Series Control Valve: Pentair’s top-of-the-line computerized controller meters water usage, capacity, salt/potassium usage and provides on-demand regeneration. It even maintains time of day through power outages.

First Chamber: Provides customizable, mixed-bed solutions of high-capacity Centaur Catalytic Absorptive Carbon and contaminant- specific media to combat isolated contaminants such as Chlorine, Chloramines, and Hydrogen Sulfide.

Second Chamber: Provides varied-media solutions featuring industrial-grade, chlorine/chloramines resistant, high capacity strong acid cation resin to address all your hard water concerns. This removes calcium, magnesium, limescale, and calcium carbonate and brings water down to zero grains per gallon of hardness!

Structural Features: The Rainbow Elite Plus features blow-molded, NSF-certified, UV resistant fiberglass bound tanks; 1” dual-chamber internal riser system; an automatic safety shutoff brine valve and a built-in Bypass Valve safety system.