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Florida Water Treatment

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Rainbow Two Water Softener

Rainbow Two

Your Custom Solution: The Rainbow Two features a mixed-media solution that allows for a versatile means of targeting your specific water quality concerns.

Pentair Series Control Valve: Pentair’s top-of-the-line computerized controller meters water usage, capacity, salt/potassium usage and provides on-demand regeneration. It even maintains time of day through power outages.

Mixed-bed Foundation: Each Rainbow Two is built upon a proven foundation featuring industrial-grade, high capacity, chlorine/chlorimine resistant cation resin; capable of addressing contaminants ranging from carbonate & magnesium to limescale to rid your home of unwanted minerals.

Structural Features: The Rainbow Two features blow-molded, NSF -certified, UV resistant fiberglass bound tanks; 1” internal riser system; 10 lbs. of underbed quartz filter, an automatic safety shutoff brine valve and a built-in Bypass Valve safety system.