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Ozone Well System

Custom Solution: The FWT Well Water Treatment system represents decades of providing versatile, customizable solutions to Florida’s well water concerns. 

Ozone Generator: Ozone water treatment is a method that reduces contaminants through ozone’s oxidative strength. This ozone is injected into the water and immediately oxidates contaminants such as bacteria, virus, hydrogen sulfide, and metals such as iron. 

Pentair Series Control Valve: Pentair’s top-of-the-line computerized controller meters water usage, capacity, and salt/potassium usage and provides on-demand regeneration. It even maintains the time of day through power outages. 

Treatment Tank One: Provides customizable, mixed-bed solution with high-capacity Centaur Catalytic 

Absorptive Carbon and contaminant-specific media 

capable of addressing contaminants such as the removal of chlorine & and chloramines, tastes and odors, as well as the removal of many heavy metals. Pentair Logix back-wash valve provides a high-pressure backwash to clean the media and extend its life. 

Treatment Tank Two: Features industrial-grade, high capacity 8% crosslink, chlorine resistant C-249 cation 

resin; capable of addressing contaminants ranging from calcium carbonate and magnesium to limescale to iron to rid your home of unwanted minerals. 

Structural Features:

The FWT Well Water Treatment system features blow-molded, NSF-certified, UV-resistant fiberglass bound tanks; 1” internal riser system; 10 lbs. of under-bed quartz filter, an automatic safety shutoff brine valve and a built-in Bypass Valve safety system.