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Here are just a few testimonials from our long list of happy customers over the years.

September 2012

A great product, a great company, and great customer service! Thank you!

Allison – Oldsmar

July 2012

I have well water that I thought would be impossible to treat. We had orange staining and it smelled of sulfur, it was terrible! After we had the Florida Water Treatment well equipment installed my water is crystal clear! We can even drink it straight from the faucet. A+ company and A+ product! Thank you!!

Heidi – Clearwater

January 2012

I would like to take this time to thank you for the expert service from Florida Water Treatment. It has been a few months now since it was set up and I must say that I notice a great difference in the quality of the water. I suffer from dry skin and allergies myself so I really notice the difference. You have an excellent product!

Cathy – St. Petersburg, FL

November 2011

I just wanted to let you know we are very satisfied with the installation completed today by your guys. They did an excellent job. Very professional.

Leonard – S. Pasadena, FL

October 2011

On October 11, 2011 your company installed a Rainbow Elite water softener in my home. I am most appreciative you sent Radin and Jeremy to my home to install the water softener. They were very professional, efficient, personable and cleaned up most satisfactorily after it was installed. I was given full information on how the water softener operated. I will definitely recommend Florida Water Treatment in the future.

Merrilee – Dunedin, FL

May 2011

I would like to let you know that we are very pleased with our new water treatment system. We love our soft water!

Margaret – Hudson

May 2011

I wish to thank you for your services rendered today for the annual maintenance on my water treatment system. You indeed possess the epitome of excellence in your services and kind demeanor. I appreciate your remarkable efforts

Frances – Safety Harbor, FL

February 2011

Thank you for taking the time to test our water and showing us how to resolve our hard water problems. Since the water softener was installed, we have noticed a tremendous water quality difference and feel we probably should have done this when we first bought our new home. Our water tastes much better now and we use less detergent for our laundry. The installation was done in a timely manner and the workmanship was very good. You have been very helpful to us with answering all our questions, and your friendly manner helped us make our decision much easier. It was a pleasure finally dealing with a company who lets the customer make a decision without any pressure.

Neal – Palm Harbor

September 2010

We wanted to thank Florida Water Treatment for the excellent service and professional way we were treated in regards to the installation and sale of our new water softener. Wow, what a difference in the water! We have already given high recommendation to another company looking for water treatment for their new home! They will be calling soon. Thank you for the excellent customer service…so very nice to know of a company that still values important customer service!

Jon & Debbie – Oldsmar, FL

July 2010

I am very glad my neighbor mentioned you and your water softener company to me. Everything was handled professionally from your first appointment to installation through your follow-up visit to make sure my water quality was good. I appreciate the installer taking my concerns seriously and following through with the little changes I had asked for. My dishes are much “crisper” looking. My hair has lost that “cast” to it that the chlorine was causing. Best of all, I know that I will be extending the lift of my water heater and not coating the inside of my new appliances and plumbing with those nasty calcium deposits. Guess I can throw the Lime Away-away, it’s no longer needed. Thanks again.

Mary – Pinellas Park, FL

March 2010

Just a quick note to once again, thank you and your staff for working with me in the purchase of said equipment. Your tech as a delight to work with during the installation. We have not had a water softener system since 1990, so we were excited about getting a system that is custom designed to combat our hard water problems and extend the life of our appliances. I can assure you that if anyone is looking for quality water treatment equipment, your name will come of first and foremost. Thanks again for all your help and we look forward to a long and healthy relationship with you, your staff and company.

Glenn – Gulfport, FL

November 2009

Thank you for all your outstanding customer service. You were great to work with!

Celia – Dunedin, FL

August 2008

Thank you! What a treat to have great water without carrying bottles around! I have your cards out on my counter and am telling patients of your great product. Again, thank you.

Kia – Dunedin, FL

October 2007

It’s rare in our society today to see the qualities of compassion and empathy among business owners. My husband and I are both into our seventies and live on social security. Thank you so much for your thoughtful consideration of us. Please know that we appreciate the kindness you have extended.

Carole – Dunedin, FL

May 2007

I am impressed and pleased that you personally visited our home to inspect our water softener. I wish to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for your professional assessment. I would like you to know that your visit did not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

Jerry – Dunedin, FL

April 2007

I wanted to let you know the two men you sent to install my water softener were very nice and quite helpful. I am satisfied with both the service and my water softener.

Karen – Tarpon Springs, FL

May 2006

This letter is to let you know just how pleased we are with our Florida Water Treatment system. Not only is the water cleaner and tastier, but my dishes, clothes and hair are finally coming clean! We will enthusiastically recommend the Florida Water Treatment system to family and friends. Your no pressure, common sense way of selling was also much appreciated.

Karen – Tampa, FL

January 2006

We are pleased to write this letter of recommendation for the products and services of Florida Water Treatment. Having purchased your “whole house” water treatment equipment for both our home and our office, we are in a position to evaluate from both perspectives. We note a considerable difference in taste, clarity, and softness in our water. We have much less spotting on our kitchen and both porcelain surfaces. We use less soap of all descriptions to achieve cleanliness. Your equipment operates quietly and without problems. We look forward to a continuation of this excellent service.

Rick & Debra – Largo, FL

June 2004

I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that I am extremely pleased with the service and attention I have received so far. Your servicer was polite, prompt, and willing to help me understand my new Fleck Valve functionality. You can rest assured that I will remain a customer.

Mike – Oldsmar

November, 2003

I wish to take a few minutes to thank you for both your products and your employees. I contacted your firm a few months ago when I was disappointed with the responses and information provided to me by {name omitted} Water Company. We immediately felt comfortable with your salesperson and were pleased with the attention after the sale. All of your employees that we dealt with were courteous, helpful and professional.

David – New Port Richey

August 2003

We are delighted with the new water system that you recommended and installed!! For months we had problems with iron in our water which ruined clothing and even made drinking or cooking distasteful!! Now our water is sparkling clean ALL of the time with no “down times” while the system is backwashing or reloading or whatever the system was doing!! Thank you very much for your thorough evaluation and efficient installation!! We even like drinking the water now!!

The Angelus – Hudson, FL

August 2002

Our family purchased a water treatment system in July 2002. After our initial skepticism, your representative answered all our questions and presented us with several options that worked within our budget. The delivery and installation crew were on time and courteous. Even the appointment maker was pleasant and personable! Since July, we have been amazed at the improvement in our water. Our clothes are cleaner, we are drinking more water, even my jewelry looks clean and new! But more importantly, as a parent with a child that has been affected by water that has been contaminated with lead, I can’t tell you how much safer we feel with your product installed.

Vincent – Pinellas Park, FL

January 2001

We are writing to express our satisfaction with the purchase of our new water system. We have been very pleased with the results to date. We have seen a tremendous difference in the taste, smell and feel of the water in our home. We will definitely recommend your product to neighbors and friends.

Christine – Lutz, FL

May 2000

I wanted to follow up with you as we have had out FWT water conditioner for 2 months now. As a health professional, I am ever cognizant about the well-being of my family. Thus, my motivation for the purchase of a water conditioner was essentially to clean our drinking water as I am quite aware of the contaminants that inhabit tap water. However, you promised other benefits beyond health and well being. Well, you were right! My wife’s hair has a new radiance and beauty any shampoo model. In fact, my T-shirts are whiter as well as more comfortable, plants appear greener and toilets no longer have ring-around the bowl syndrome. When I see my FWT unit in my garage I am reassured that I made an intelligent and utilitarian decision. I realize that I have made an investment in my family’s health that will yield intangible as well as tangible (whiter shirts) benefits. I have recommended your product and company to my family and friends.

Steven – Oldsmar

February 2000

This is just a note to commend you on the quality of service we received in our recent purchase of a water treatment system. We have wonderful soft water! Thank you!

Barry – Indian Rocks Beach, FL

January 2000

We are pleased to announce that the water purifier your company installed at our new home in December has made a tremendous difference in our lives. We have experienced great changes that we thought could not happen in Florida and had already decided to accept things as they were, until your representative stopped by. We now have clearer water, soap suds that last longer in our dish and bath water, and surprisingly we are now able to have a cool drink of water from the faucet. We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to your representative for his impressive presentation and Florida Water Treatment company that he represents for the splendid service you have provided for us. We feel right at home now!

David & Linda – St. Petersburg, FL

November 1999

Since moving to Florida from New Jersey, I was shocked to find out how much chlorine is and other chemicals are present in the drinking water here. I tested the water from my kitchen faucet with a pool test kit, and found the chlorine levels to be over 3ppm. I don’t know how much over because the test kit doesn’t go that high. My point is, if we did nothing to treat our water, we would have been better off drinking water from our pool. We had a treatment system by a nationally advertised company {name omitted}. As it turns out, we were just paying lots of money for a brand name, and relying on parts and service from somewhere in Illinois. I have since had the system removed and replaced with a comparable system from Florida Water Treatment. The fact that you are a local company with a proven track record, have a superior regeneration on your equipment, and most importantly, guarantee the reduction of known carcinogens to 0gpg in your treated water, made the decision to switch to FWT a no-brainer. I also appreciated the fact that you were about half the price! I just wanted to write to say “thanks” on behalf of myself and my family for the outstanding job you did in cleaning up our water. It tastes great, doesn’t have that foul smell anymore, and our dishwasher and washing machine are finally working like they should. I can rest easy knowing that the water my family drinks is free of harmful chemicals, and I would highly recommend your product to anyone needing quality water treatment.

Dave – Clearwater, FL

February 1997

I wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying the water conditioning system you installed for us last November. What a pleasure it is to deal with a company that does exactly what we were told it would do! Now that we have used the system for several months we would be more pleased. It does all of the marvelous things you said it would do. Our dishes are sparkling, our clothes are soft and bright and we feel great after our showers. We are using about a third of the soap and cleaning supplies we were previously using! It has been a pleasure to deal with your company.

Gail – Palm Harbor, FL

February 1997

Behind every successful business is the fact that the product must be as good as claimed, the service – and bottom line, customer satisfaction! May I say as a customer new to the area I am more than satisfied with the results.

Harriet – Holiday, FL

March 1996

My wife and I bought a whole home water treatment system this past fall. We highly recommend FWT and your services. The Rainbow whole home water treatment system truly speaks for itself.

Regis – Largo, FL

December 1995

Thank you for your quick install of my new water treatment system. It’s great to purchase on Monday, install on Tuesday, and recheck the water and see the difference on Wednesday (all of the same week). It is pretty uncommon these days to find service like that. I look forward to many, many years of good water!! I’m excited about passing on a good report to friends and co-workers about the water and the service.

Paula – St. Petersburg

June 1995

I just want to write and thank you for the great job you did changing the water in my home for drinking and bathing. We were getting very tired of buying bottled water. Also our skin is no longer dried out and is now nice and soft. Thanks a lot!

Connie – Largo, FL

May 1995

On behalf of my entire family, I want to thank you for the efficient and professional way in which you and your company put in our water softener. It has been over a month now, and we are seeing the difference soft water makes. It is not just the small fortune we save on our soap products, although with a family our size, cutting those costs to one quarter really is a saving, or the fact that the entire family can see a remarkable difference in our hair (what a shine). It was the way that you followed up on all the work and make this project 100% problem free. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. If all companies performed like Florida Water Treatment, and took care of its customers like you do, now much nicer this world would be.

Judith – Seminole, FL

May 1991

We would like to thank FLORIDA WATER TREATMENT for giving us the opportunity to purchase your water conditioner to install in our new home. Having lived in several areas of the country and rented several water conditioners, we have concluded that your conditioner performed the best in service reliability, and most important, very little maintenance. As homeowners, we feel that your product is one of the best on the market.

Michael – Dunedin